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Do your best work in one place.

Transform the way you run your business today.

Capture, Process and Manage every piece of work in your office
easily, consistenly and securely without having to dig
through mountains of messages, apps and emails.


Simplifying Cloud

Is your business running on old technology? Are you exploring cloud infrastructure?  How about automating your Sales, Customer Service and Billing ?

Empower your People

Technology is changing fast. So many apps, so many tools to get work done. Run your business with fewer, more integrated tools to generate and share ideas, get insights and support customers and vendors.


Are you tired of having to switch between multiple apps like Slack, Email, Post it Notes, Task Management apps?

Are you looking for a single place to capture all requests for internal work that needs to be done?

Learn more on how you can turn requests and activities like Emails, Phone Calls , Website Requests automatically into Job Tickets to be processed by your office team.




Are you still using spreadsheets, file folders, emails to manage and process your office work?

Have you looked for ways to standardize your process without spending thousands of dollars and weeks

Learn more on how you can standardize your business operations in 24 to 48 hours and have a franchise-like business office operation.


Are you still sending emails manually to notify your customers?

Once you Capture the work to be done and Standardize your Operations, then the next step is to automate repetitive tasks like emails notifications to notify status changes and completion of your work to your clients.

Learn how you can have automatic email notifications to your customers based on the completion of their work or information they need to provide you.



Do you wish you could have a business process engineer to further improve your operations? Now you have.

Your system will collect operational data that will tell you where the bottlenecks are, why your work is getting stuck and how you can implement changes to change these bottlenecks.

And if you need further help, we can help you with a Fractional Business Process Engineer.




Do you wish you could have all your files and attachments in a single place and associated with your accounts, contacts and job tickets?

Your system will allow you to attach or associate any email, file attachment, appointments with the work you are doing for your customer or your own internal projects.

Best of all, in a single search you can find all your documents and activities associated with the account or type of document stored



How about having a standardized way to have status meetings and pinpoint in 5 minutes all the work that is not progressing?

With your status meeting module, you will be able to immediately see all work that is not moving, create assignments for people who can move your work and attach any documentation for your meetings. All of that without having to switch to another notetaking application.


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