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Do You Struggle With Your Office Workflow?


Renewals Process – Do you have a systematic way to track your renewal opportunities?

Referral Partners Process – Do you have a process to consistently work with partners like Loan Officers?



Lead Management – Do you have a streamlined process to get leads created directly into your CRM from your website forms? 

Opportunity Management – Do you have a process to track all opportunities that you are currently engaged with?


Change Requests – Do you have a system to track all the policy changes in one place? Do all employees know what work is assigned to them?

New Client Onboard – Do all your staff work on a standardized way to onboard a new client?



Do you depend on emails to run your business?

Email was never meant to be used as a management tool.

Stop using your Inbox as a way to manage your Sales, Clients Requests and New Customer On-boarding processes.


Are you spending your time trying to integrate your current system with other apps?

Is your desire to become an expert in business process engineering? How about learning multiple apps just to get the basics done?

Focus on what you do best not on how to integrate disparate apps. 


Do you have data to guide you on process improvement?

Before you improve any process you need to have data to see what needs fixing.

Let PowerAgent365 guide you on where the process needs improvement.

The Automated Agency 4-Step Plan

Step 1 - Schedule a Call

Decide to invest 20 minutes with an engineer to quickly decide if PowerAgent is the right solution for your Agency.

Step 2 - Talk to a Business Process Engineer

A business process engineer will ask a few questions and help you identify your goals and current roadblocks.

Step 3 - Get a Custom Insurance Agency Workflow Blue Print

If Power Agent is the right workflow for managing your agency, we will create a detailed workflow for your product and services.

Step 4 - Get your Customized Workflow &Training in 5 days

With the Blue Print in hands, we will customize and configure Power Agent to automate  your Sales and Operations daily tasks and remove errors and miscommunication in your everyday work so that you can get back to grow your business.

Schedule your call now!

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Turn requests and activities like Emails, Phone Calls , Website Requests automatically into Job Tickets to be processed by your office team. Never misplace or forget a request or task to be done. 



Standardize your business operations, have a franchise-grade level process for each product or service so that your people can perform consistently and stress-free.


Have automatic email notifications to your customers based on the completion of their work or any other notification criteria.



Collect operational data that will tell you where the bottlenecks are, why your work is getting stuck and how you can implement changes to remove  these bottlenecks.

And if you need further help, we can help you with a Fractional Business Process Engineer.




Have all your files, attachments and emails  in a single place, associated with your accounts, contacts and job tickets. Search for any file or attachment by document type or document name and find it in seconds. 



Standardized the way you run status meetings by finding work that is not moving and assigning action items and task ownership without having to create notes in another application. Imagine getting your status meetings done in 5 minutes!


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