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Business Process Engineering

Get help optimizing your business processes  from an expert without having to hire a full-time employee. Hire for as little as 1 day per month.

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As you start using your PowerOffice, Dynamics 365 or Salesforce CRM you will quickly start identifying areas for improvements.

PowerOffice collects data to help you identify bottlenecks and roadblocks and creates a system to systematically identify where in your process you are not slowing down or making mistakes. With that data, your teams can monthly identify solutions for your most common errors or bottlenecks.

Experience has shown us that the most successful firms have an operational excellence mindset – i.e. improvements are never a single project. Since you need the expertise to optimize your operations but not to the point of hiring a full-time employee (FTE), Workestrate offers a fractional Business Process Engineer (BPE) option.


What does the BPE do? The BPE plays the following roles:

Process Engineer – A BPE will collect data and analyze the business process as a whole, suggest changes to the business process.

Technical Architect – the BPE will then look at the best way to implement the technical changes into the system – PowerOffice, Dynamics 365, Salesforce or any other related system or Apps.

Project Manager – the BPE will coordinate any other tasks that need to be done by other roles like developers or testers and oversee the completion of such tasks

Demo and User Acceptance – the BPE will be responsible to demo the changes to the end users and get the approval from stakeholders that the solution is accepted.

Where does he/she work from? Most work is done remotely after identifying the areas for improvement. In some complex processes, on-premises discovery sessions might be needed.

When does the BPE work? The BPE works with your company whenever authorized personnel requests issues to be worked on. Most of the work is not break-fix related work but process improvement related.

What is the minimum amount of time that I have to agree upon? The minimum term for a BPE is 12 days per year or 1 day per month.

How am I billed? You are billed monthly for the number of days/month you have agreed in the Service Agreement

Is there any cost advantage to use your BPE Services as oppose to contract work? Yes. When you commit to a full year of BPE Services, your hourly rate is reduced significantly from the standard project rate billable hours. In addition to the cost advantage, you will also have a dedicated Business Process Engineer that knows your company processes closely, instead of working with next available engineer.

What increments are used to keep track of my requests? We track work in 15-minute increments and decrease the amount from your monthly allocated time.

Do I have to use all my time in a month? No but we will require you to use your time on a quarterly basis. For example, if you hire us for 1 day a month (8 hours per day) you can skip January and February and use your 24 hours in March.

What happens if I want to cancel my services? You can cancel your services at any time. We require 60 days notice and your service will then be cancelled at the end of the month of your 60th days.

Website Forms Integration

We can automate your current website forms to automatically create job tickets, accounts or support requests in PowerOffice.

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One of the first tasks of digital transformation of your processes is to integrate your website forms with your CRM system. 

Workestrate can dramatically reduce the amount of time and errors created in your day-to-day tasks by automatically creating reminders, tasks, appointments and even job tickets inside your CRM system relieving your team from having to look at emails and having to jump to different applications to create Leads, Opportunities and Job ticket related items.

Typical use cases for website form integration in Dynamics 365 and Salesforce.com CRM are Creation of Leads from a Contact Us or Landing Page forms from a campaign or creation of Suport Cases or Job Tickets from a Customer Change Request form from your website. 

Let us streamline your website forms and turn it into an integrated part of your customer interfacing process.

Workshops & Training

In addition to our remote training, we can create training video libraries for your company so that every new employee will have an on-boarding process clearly delineated.

This custom library can be developed for the different functional roles in your company – sales rep, sales manager, customer support and order entry and reduce the amount of time that managers and owners spend on training new employees.


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